Hello everyone! I really hope you all are having an amazing day thus far. Now, why are we here? I am here to explain what my intentions are and a little about me, relevant to my cause.


So, this starts back to when I was 13, back in 6th grade. It was here when I joined band an sparked my musical creativity and obsession. After some time I began to discover new genres that were alien to me at the time. Singlehandedly the biggest impact of all, was when I first heard Daft Punk. "Around the World " & "One More Time " literally changed my life. It was what I would equate to seeing color for the first time.

Once I reached High school, my band, guitar, music theory, and soccer coach Mr. Bill Wells was the greatest ally I had in my life at the time. He inspired confidence, drive, and a never-ending need for knowledge, and improvement. Thanks to him I began to experiment with my own compositions using music programs like Anvil Studio and Acid PRO Music Studio

Then on December 20th, 2010, around the age of 20, I made my first Facebook Page as well as on Reverbnation.com to post and share my musical creations. Within 5 days I was #1 in Missouri, and I have remained there even through my rebrand to OhLookaDime. Then I joined the Missouri Army National Guard.

I deployed in the fall of 2011 for a year. While I was overseas I used some of my extra income to advertise, thus raising my network to over 50,000 fans! But, due to my extended battle with my PTSD and depression, my overall fanbase has dropped significantly to around 25,000.


So that brings us to hear and now. Now, I am looking to start an L.L.C. to help me incorporate all the things I love doing into one entity. This will help me not only to monetize my musicmerch , and streams but will also legitimize all of the work I have done behind the scenes for almost a decade.

Why Donate?

I know that everyone is asking themselves this. There are a number of reasons to donate but I cannot make you, the realness of the situation is no matter what I say and do you, and you alone will make the decision. All I can do is give you a promise.

My Promise

My promise to all of you who are able to help me fund the startup for my dream is this: I will never use any money raised outside OhLookaDime, L.L.C.

Any and all funds raised will go to the following expenses;

1. L.L.C. Registration & Processing Fees

2. Equipment Purchases

3. Streaming/hosting services


So, in summation, I have always loved music, and I have been working the past decade to build up the fanbase I have, and I am growing more and more everyday! Any support means the world to me, whether it is monetary or a like/follow/comment/subscribe/tweet, etc.