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Officer Noisey begin roleplaying in late 2016 after meeting a group of friends on Xbox one we whould always have a roleplay for about 2 to 4 hours everynight after roleplaying with friends on Xbox one, officer nosiey fell in love with watching code 0 so after getting attached to code zero officer nosiey began to save up every little bit of money and saving for a PC to stream on and roleplay on in on June 25th 2017 bought his own pc and all he needed to live stream and record on June 28th Officer noisey joined Freedom RP where he was a cadet to sheriff deputy to senior deputy so after while Officer noisey got a special invite Insomnia RP where he was given the rank of Sheriff corporal.

In all Officer noisey has been roleplaying for going on 4 years he loves real roleplay and enjoys making people laugh when they need it or when they need it most.