Hey there, I'm MrJDucky. I focus mainly on playing games such as FortNite, horror themed games, and generally anything else I can get my hands on. My main platform for streaming is Mixer.com.

One of my major passions in life is the Gaming Industry. I particularly enjoy the way in which the online platforms made available and popular through gaming allow people from all across the world and of many different walks of life interact and socialise.

While I enjoy playing with friends in the competitive games they choose to throw themselves at, I'm also a major casual gamer at heart. I'm always receiving keys to games in Alpha and Beta testing which I am able to you here, on Mixer as well as organise giveaways and competitions for access to these games!

The Gaming and Streaming industry itself is growing at a rapid rate, and I love being a part of that, being able to share its content with you while also being able to give back to you guy's through Giveaways and awesome streams!