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MPS (aka Mucopolysaccharidosis) is an inherited disorder that does not allow sugar molecules to break down in the system. This affects multiple organs including the lungs, heart and skeleton. Symptoms can be mild, severe and life threatening or anything in between. In people and animals with MPS, glucose (sugar) molecules in cells cannot be broken down and removed by the body. Over time, this degenerative disorder is fatal.

Animals born afflicted with MPS rarely survive past the age of 2, and those who survive that long have a range of medical issues. 

At MPS Army Foundation we treat our dear furry friends with great love and devotion. With your ongoing support we can continue to work with breeders to eradicate the MPS gene from animals by testing their dogs for the gene, and provide a better life for those currently living with the disorder through helpful supplies, a support team, and medical assistance.

Our Goals

1. Assist with medical bills for the animals found to have MPS

2. Provide funding for breeders to have their animals tested for MPS

3. Send an MPS ARMY certification for the tested animals that have been found to be free of the MPS gene

4. Provide an “out” for people whose animals have been found to have MPS who no longer wish to provide care for that animal

5. Provide an adoption list for people wanting to adopt and care for an MPS animal

6. Raise funds for medical research for animals with MPS

7. Provide educational materials to breeders and parents of animals with MPS

8. Provide post mortem assistance to families of animals with MPS

Signs An Animal May Have MPS

Short nose | Curved spine | Frequent infections

Mouth breathers | Nose bubbles | Large tongue | Abnormal diaphragm

Hazy eyes | Candy corn teeth | Big floppy feet | Fused bones

Unusual wrists/joints | Little muscular control | Small or collapsed trachea

Issues with the heart (heart murmur, irregular heartbeat, one side bigger than the other, valves that don’t operate correctly)