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I am a small time streamer and only stream currently part time as work takes up the majority of my life.

I am a Father to one and Step Father to another. My own is 3 months old were my stepchild is 4 years old.

I love my small family and streaming games for your pleasure. I currently do not have a schedule of when I stream (hence work), however you can catch me on Mixer.com/JokerJ87. I mainly stream WWE 2K19 with my own unique twist on it, as well as others such as Forza, Madden, Mass Effect, and Call of Duty.

I also raise fund for the Childrens Miracle Network via my streams and all tips/donations AND all proceeds from my Merch Room Sales go to them.

I may be a beginner streamer, however I am fun to hang out with. So Follow me on Mixer and tune in to one of my streams you may just fall in love with me. Hehehe.