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Thanks for stopping by Jiggy The Poo Gaming! Jiggy The Poo Gaming is your one-stop retro shop for all your gaming needs. This channel focuses on the ‘80s and early ‘90s vibes. I’m a variety streamer that loves third person shooters, hack and slash, and story-based games.


The channel focuses on the chat 1st! Nothing will come before the chat. So, sometimes we die a lot, due to answering questions from the chat. So ask questions, this channel was built on interaction.


Well speaking of interaction, we believe we have one of the best interactive boards on Mixer. Most of the board is a time machine to the ‘80s and early ‘90s. So if you have sparks, feel free to go broke spending on the awesome board.


Again, thanks for stopping by and checking out the channel. Don’t be a stranger!


Also, join us on the Xbox live club Band of the Poo! Join to stay update to date with Jiggy The Poo Gaming! Hope to see you there!