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100% Creative livestreamer partnered with Mixer.com.

IRL I am a food literacy educator, single mom, market gardener and cautious but unrepentant hedonist.

On stream we have fun, learn stuff, sometimes we argue, and always create a mood you can almost taste through your screen.

I love to champion the unique, the extraordinary, the risk takers - both on and offline. I want to become an expert on creative streaming of all kinds, and to continue to support the creative streaming community's progress in carving out a niche in the world of online content creation.

When you purchase my adorable merch, for yourself or to give as a gift, you're supporting my family, since it's all 5 hungry mouths eating what I cook on stream. It also goes toward my dream setup: better computer, better lighting, and maybe one day some new knives! Finally, face time is crucial in spreading the word, so attendance at Cons like PAX are another thing that stream and merch revenue go towards.

I hope you enjoy your sweet cinnamon rolls as much as I enjoy making them and so many other things like them on stream for you each week!