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Welcome to the "Gotchamunity". Here we we keep a positive mindset, support others as much as possible through many different avenues, and use comic's and superhero's as the base foundation of our brand. Everything superheros stand for bravery, honesty, strength, courage, having fun and being happy are the focuses here. HFS or "happiness, family, streaming" are the three things most dear to Gotham and the community. We want everyone to always feel welcomed, when their wearing the brand or in the stream we want everyone to wear their "gotcha swag" with pride and a smile always. One thing we love taking part in as often as possible is "Charity events", were always looking for ways to give back or reach out and help anyone. Comics and superhero's are a huge part of Gotham's life on and off stream so it was natural to brand around that theme. His goal is that when people finish watching the stream they feel like they've just watched a comic cartoon where every scene is a page turn, and every effect makes you feel like your seeing and hearing that true comic vibe from the movies, cartoons and books. When wearing the brand we hope that you truly feel like a "Superhero" as well.

Thank you so much for checking out the store and be sure to follow and check out the stream or webshow on mixer, youtube. Follow on twitter and instagram to get a look behind the stream, and join the discord for updates.