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ConsiStandSea is broken down into three terms that mean consistency. Consist of something meaningful, positive, inspiring and considerate. Stand up for what you consist of no matter the obstacle or adversity. Sea references the misinformation, manipulation and ignorance that exist and can sway you away from what you consist of, but do not let it.


In summary, you must consist of something in order to stand in a sea of ignorance.


I am a streamer that wants to connect with people for more than just a follow. I would like to build comfortable environment where we could be able to discuss topics that matter but most people rather not touch. The intention is to offer an environment where we can all come to, to rationalize situation with other perspectives and injecting logic and reason to ultimately help clarify any confusion or doubt.

We are all creatures of habit and since some habits are not good, with that said some habits can only be seen from outside looking. This will be a judgement free zone where you decide if you want to discuss the matter in an open forum with everyone involved or personally with an individual as a personal conversation with a friend.

I am an individual that wants the world to be what it could possibly be if we could inject positivity into all aspects of life. Consistency is important because we are not currently living our lives in such manner. A simple example of the lack of consistency is the legal system, depending on your status you could possibly get away with something we are told is illegal.

To be clear I do not want to make it about the legal system I am really wanting to make it about the consistency.

I hope this description helps you understand the purpose behind the brand.

For serious inquiries reach me at ConsiStandSea@yahoo.com