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I am known as Cheeky, my name is CheekyGaming on mixer and I am what is known as a variety streamer. I have over 70+ games that I have streamed from first person shooters, to community fun games. A small cross-section of my games are: Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter: World, Destiny 2, Track mania Turbo, Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Call of duty WW2 and Forza Horizon 3. I am a member of The Hoser Squad Stream Team, The Dino Squad Stream Team and The Cheeky Gaming Stream Team communities on Mixer, I am affiliated to HumbleBundles as a partner, affiliated to Into the AM, Gawkbox and Loots I am also a Member of the Xbox Ambassadors Community. These affiliations help support my channel with unique features. What I like most about being on mixer is the awesome community, the unique interactivity features, and its ultra low latency which is second to none, and its unique co-stream capabilities which are intergrated into the platform.