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I am AmethystLady, and I thank you first and foremost for your interest in me! My love for the Fighting Game Community has evolved from an interest to a passion, and now I am working hard to follow my ambitions and grow my entrepreneurial ventures! 

I am a Twitch-affiliated streamer, an emerging content creator, the Public Relations Manager for "The Collective" Esports Organization, a competitor in the Fighting Game Community for almost two decades, and a business owner

Please take a look at my merch! My personal brand is based around royal touches, positive vibes, and themes related to my different ventures. All proceeds from sales help me tremendously. I work hard to provide the best quality. Further, I would love to see pictures of any purchases you make! Feel free to share through any of my social media outlets. ^_^

Finally, if you like what you see, please don't keep me a secret and share any of my links! 

Thank you for your support!